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Sany Heavy Duty Electric Truck

electric van companies

Sany Light Duty Electric Truck

Electrifying Tomorrow’s Transportation.

Sany electric light trucks, featuring box, drop slide, and fence goods models, excel in short-distance urban transportation for express services, stores, and supermarkets. These innovative trucks, designed with comfort, advanced technology, and safety in mind, boast a spacious cab crafted independently by Sany and Binifalina. Powered by an integrated electric drive axle, they deliver efficient transmission, reaching a peak power of 115kW. Fast-charging at 150A allows a full charge within 1 hour, ensuring worry-free mileage. Sany’s original containers, offering 18.5m3 of space, are both lightweight and reliable, meeting the demands of heavy load transportation.

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Powerful Performance, Sustainable Energy, and Spacious Design – Your Future on the Move!

Say goodbye to gas stations and hello to smooth, quiet rides with zero emissions.

Innovative, luxurious, and safe – our electric truck sets a new standard on the road.

Our column shifter offers a luxurious car-like drivability. The wire-controlled chassis is the most advanced and best-configured in China. Enjoy enhanced safety with all-LED crystal headlights, reversing radar, and a reversing image. Our “Big Sleeper” boasts the industry’s widest space with non-flipping seat backs. Experience smooth steering – light at low speed and stable at high speed, thanks to EPS+EHB intelligent technology. Drive smarter and safer with us.

Sany Light Duty Electric Truck.

electric light duty truck companies
electric light duty truck companies
EV light duty truck Warranty 2 Years/100,000 Km
electric truck maintenance cost Battery 5 Years/200,000 Km
  • High Technology

    “Experience the future of driving with our intelligent features, including voice control for contactless interaction. Stay safe and convenient with the reversing radar, camera, and advanced wire-controlled chassis. Take control with the multi-function steering wheel and enjoy entertainment on the 12.1-inch intelligent screen. Elevate your driving experience with SANY’s cutting-edge technology.”

  • Low Energy Consumption

    “The electric drive axle not only sheds over 50kg in weight but also slashes power consumption by an impressive 2.33%. Our efficient decoupling braking system enhances energy recovery, extending the range by an outstanding 12%+. Thanks to the lightweight shroud, optimized through CFD, we achieve 6% lower wind resistance compared to competitor EPS+PWM setups, resulting in reduced energy consumption.”

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Long Cruising Range

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Quick charging technology

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best ev light duty truck


best electric light duty truck


 e light duty truck in abu dhabi skywell

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