What is Energy Storage Solution (ESS)?

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) refer to the process of storing energy that has been previously generated, either from traditional sources like the electricity grid, or from renewable sources, such as solar. The stored energy is then available for use at a later time for a variety of purposes and applications.

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Our Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) can be used in a wide range of applications, such as charging systems for electric vehicles, powering residential homes and buildings, providing reliable backup power during emergencies, and supporting industrial operations such as milling and drilling. Whatever your power needs may be, our ESS provides a dependable and sustainable solution.

Sustainable Energy Storage Solutions for Any Applications

We offer a range of efficient inverters capable of powering both smaller and industrial applications from 60kW up to 500 kW of energy output. These inverters can be connected to air/liquid cooling battery racks with different energy capacities, allowing for up to 3 hours of operation. Our energy solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals seeking reliable and sustainable energy solutions for their small and large scale power needs. With our inverters and battery racks, you can power your equipment with ease and peace of mind, knowing that you are making a positive impact on the environment.

BIG BATTERY SYSTEM. Commercial ESS 125kW/372kWh

Our goal is to provide a high-powered energy supply to contributors without burdening the grid. For instance, ultra-fast chargers require a consistent power load of approximately 100kW which can be supplied through our PCS unit (125kW) with the aid of a 120kVA transformer for top tier AC energy quality. CATL EnerOne 372kWh battery, the best in the world outdoor solution for C&I storage systems through bidirectional power converter in offgrid mode provides high power output for charging needs achieving the very needs of sustainable and effective energy consumption in UAE national new climate saving programs. This system consists of battery, power converter, controller, transformer 120kVA and distribution box. It can supply high-power energy without requiring an extra power load from the grid, and its communication and power cables are sufficient for two systems.

Components Of ESS

CATL EnerOne Outdoor Liquid Cooling 372kWh Battery
Power Conversion System Kehua 125 KW
Control Cabinet with EMS
Distribution box plus transformer

Two ranges

We understand that different businesses and individuals have varying energy storage needs. To cater to these needs, we offer two ranges of battery storage solutions.

Both ranges come with at least 3 hours of discharging time in off-grid mode, ensuring that you have access to reliable energy storage solutions when you need them. With our battery storage solutions, you can rely on uninterrupted power supply and sustainable energy solutions for your business.

From 60kW upto 120kW

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The first range offers a power output from 60kW to 120kW and is suitable for businesses that require moderate power output. With this range, you can choose the number of sessions required, with a minimum of 3 sessions, and each session provides 40kWh of energy. This range is ideal for businesses that need reliable energy storage solutions for smaller power needs, such as charging stations for electric vehicles.

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From 120kW to 400kW


The second range offers a power output from 120kW to 400kW and is designed for businesses that require high power output. With this range, you can choose the number of sessions required, with a minimum of 3 sessions, and each session provides 40kWh of energy for cars and 200kWh for buses. This range is suitable for larger-scale power needs, such as charging stations for electric buses or powering industrial operations.

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PBS1-300/375/430K Storage Only Power Block

PWS2 – 30P-NA/EX Bi-Directional Storage Inverter

Scope of system in most demand

Item Description Quantity Remark
CATL Enerone Cabinet 1331.2V280Ah, 372.736kWh 1 IP66
Sinexcell PCS PBS1-150kW with EMS, BMS, ETH, UPS, etc. 1 IP65
Transformer 480 V /400 V 1
Cable and Accessories Power cable , communication cable, signal 1 cable, etc. (will vary by actual use) 1
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