High-powered energy supply-Abu Dhabi- UAE
High-powered energy supply-Abu Dhabi- UAE

Greetings from the transportation of the future! Infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing quickly as EVs gain popularity across the globe. The need for effective and dependable EV charging stations is growing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially in the vibrant cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With a focus on Global Motor Electric (EGME), a top supplier of charging solutions in the area, we’ll examine the best EV charging stations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in this blog article.

Abu Dhabi:

Global Motor Electric (EGME) – Abu Dhabi Branch:

EGME has emerged as a leader in the EV charging infrastructure market because to its well-placed, cutting-edge charging stations positioned all across Abu Dhabi. Modern technology in these stations guarantees quick and dependable charging for all EV models. You can rely on EGME to deliver a flawless charging experience whether you drive an electric car, such as a Tesla or Nissan Leaf. To meet the different needs of EV owners, their stations also provide different charging speeds.

Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC):

With many stations dispersed across Abu Dhabi, ENOC is another significant participant in the EV charging industry in the United Arab Emirates. Because of the rapid and standard charging alternatives available on their network, electric vehicle owners may conveniently refuel their cars while they’re out and about. Drivers can easily track their charging sessions with ENOC stations, which are renowned for their accessibility and user-friendly UI.


Global Motor Electric (EGME) – Dubai Branch:

EGME is a pioneer in EV charging infrastructure in Dubai, offering dependable solutions to accommodate the city’s expanding electric car fleet. The strategic locations of EGME’s branches in Dubai include shopping centers, commercial zones, and residential neighborhoods. For the utmost convenience and security for electric vehicle users, these stations are outfitted with cutting-edge capabilities including RFID authentication and remote monitoring.

DEWA Green Charger:

The Green Charger network is run by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and consists of many charging stations located all throughout the city. EV owners can enjoy a hassle-free charging experience thanks to DEWA’s well-known charging infrastructure, which is known for its dependability and efficiency. To meet the demands of different EV models, the Green Charger network offers both AC and DC charging.

Global Motor Electric (EGME):

When it comes to EV charging infrastructure, Global Motor Electric (EGME) is a leader—not just in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but also globally. EGME is dedicated to sustainability and innovation, and they are revolutionizing the way that we power our cars. For EV owners in the UAE and elsewhere, their extensive network of charging stations and commitment to client satisfaction make them the go-to option.

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of EV charging infrastructure as the globe moves toward a greener future. Global Motor Electric (EGME) is a leader in offering dependable and effective charging options to owners of electric vehicles in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. EGME is paving the path for a more sustainable mobility ecology in the UAE and beyond with its vast network of charging stations and dedication to quality. You may drive around the streets of Dubai or Abu Dhabi with confidence knowing that EGME will take care of your charging needs, guaranteeing a seamless transition into the mobility of the future.